First Impressions

So, this is my first post. And the first thought of my first post is that there’s about a million and two blogs on the internet. What is the point of starting one of my own? To be honest, I don’t really know. The chances of more than about 20 people reading anything I write are very low, but fuck it, I’m just going to write anyway. I watch a lot of films, and I have nothing better to do than write about them. Isn’t that sad?

One of the obvious things about films is that they’re so subjective, maybe even more so than books. Everyone has different favourites and everyone interprets them in different ways, but the thing that we all love about films, whether we consciously know it or not, is the suspension of disbelief that it allows us. Coleridge first suggested the idea of “suspending disbelief”, and by that he meant that if a piece of writing was so captivating, the reader would effectively feel as if everything happening was real. Films are even more effective in this, as we can physically see what the director wants us to see, and we become so invested in characters’ lives and stories (think of all the times you hear fictional film characters being talked about as if they were real). Films give us all an escape for 90-ish minutes. And that’s pretty mad.

Just realised both paragraphs end with ‘-ad’ words. No, my posts will not rhyme all the time. Fuck, I did it again.




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