What Makes a ‘Great’ Acting Performance?

The idea of this post has all come from Heath Ledger. ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Brokeback Mountain’ are two of my favourite films ever, and I’m three or four films away from watching every film Ledger ever appeared in. I’m yet to dislike one, or to not think he steals the show in any. I don’t like rom-coms traditionally (okay, I like some…), but I … Continue reading What Makes a ‘Great’ Acting Performance?

‘Nightcrawler’ – A Modern Day Parable

I’ll be honest, when I first saw this film advertised I thought it was an origins story for the teleporting, acrobatic superhero of the same name. And I was pretty excited. I hadn’t seen any trailers and hadn’t heard anything about it when I watched it, which is rare for me, but it took about 30 seconds to realise this was anything but a superhero … Continue reading ‘Nightcrawler’ – A Modern Day Parable